LGV Test - 16

LGV Test - 16
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LGV Test - 16

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You're on a motorway and the surface is still wet after rain. Why should you take care when you're overtaking?

Wet roads may create more buffeting

Other vehicles will have their lights on

Vehicles may be parked on the hard shoulder

The road may still be slippery

LGV Test - 16

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What should you do when you overtake a cyclist on a two-way road?

Pass closely staying about 1 metre (3 feet 3 inches) from the kerb

Go past quickly and move back to the left sharply

Leave plenty of room and check your nearside mirror before returning to the left

Give a right-turn signal after you've moved out to overtake

LGV Test - 16

Question 3 of 20

How should you use the brakes in icy weather?


By 'pumping' the brakes


After using the gears first

LGV Test - 16

Question 4 of 20

Where are these lights found?

On approach to a level crossing

Near a fire station

On approach to a motorway

Near a school

LGV Test - 16

Question 5 of 20

When should you check your vehicle’s spray-suppression equipment?

Only when you will be using a motorway

Before setting out on a journey

Only at the start of winter as a prewinter check

Once per year before the MOT test

LGV Test - 16

Question 6 of 20

When are air deflectors most effective?

When there's a side wind

When there is a headwind

When reversing

When there is a strong tailwind

LGV Test - 16

Question 7 of 20

Which vehicle is least likely to be affected by high wind?



car towing a caravan

box truck

LGV Test - 16

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Why should you take care before moving into the centre lane of a three-lane motorway?

The centre lane is narrower than the left-hand lane

The bridge height clearance will be less in the centre lane

Traffic in the centre lane may be travelling much faster than you

The reflective studs may be missing in the centre lane

LGV Test - 16

Question 9 of 20

You're on a wet, level road, driving at 50 mph. What's the minimum time gap you should leave between your vehicle and the one in front?

One second

Two seconds

Three seconds

Four seconds

LGV Test - 16

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You're in the centre lane of a motorway, overtaking another vehicle. What should you do before returning to the left-hand lane?

Signal left then check your mirror

Wait for the other driver to flash their headlights

Check ahead and then your nearside mirror

Check behind for fast traffic in the right-hand lane

LGV Test - 16

Question 11 of 20

When should you use a crawler lane?

When letting faster traffic overtake you

When turning right from a major road

When parking to have a rest

When slowing down for a motorway exit

LGV Test - 16

Question 12 of 20

You're driving behind two cyclists. They're approaching a roundabout in the left-hand lane. What should you expect them to do?

Go in any direction

Turn left

Turn right

Go straight ahead

LGV Test - 16

Question 13 of 20

In fast traffic, when should you leave a two-second gap between your vehicle and the one in front?

When the roads are dry

When it's raining and the roads are wet

When the roads are icy

When you're driving in fog

LGV Test - 16

Question 14 of 20

What should you do after overtaking on a dual carriageway?

Move back to the left when it's safe to do so

Indicate left then right

Wait for the other driver to flash their headlights

Switch your rear lights on and off

LGV Test - 16

Question 15 of 20

You're overtaking a motorcycle in windy conditions. Why should you check your nearside mirror?

To check your road position

To see if the rider is still in control of the motorcycle

To see if other vehicles have been affected

To check if it is properly adjusted

LGV Test - 16

Question 16 of 20

You're driving a long vehicle and want to turn right at a roundabout ahead. How should you signal if you need to occupy the left-hand lane?

Signal left on approach

Signal right on approach

Give no signal on approach

Give a right signal after entering the roundabout

LGV Test - 16

Question 17 of 20

You're driving at the speed limit in the left-hand lane of a motorway. What should you do if you see lorries merging from a slip road ahead?

Try and accelerate past them

Move to the next lane if safe

Brake heavily and let them merge

Expect them to stop and let you pass

LGV Test - 16

Question 18 of 20

Which vehicle is most at risk in windy conditions?

High-sided lorry

Saloon car

Tractor unit

Single-deck buses

LGV Test - 16

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You're driving in heavy rain. What should you do if your steering suddenly feels very light?

Brake very sharply

Steer towards the centre line

Ease off the accelerator

Increase your speed

LGV Test - 16

Question 20 of 20

You are driving in town and see these lights flashing. What would you expect to see ahead?

Contraflow system

Uneven road surface

Children crossing the road

Roadworks ahead