LGV Test - 21

LGV Test - 21
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LGV Test - 21

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What should you do before driving your lorry away from a wet construction site at the side of a motorway?

Turn on your amber beacon

Drain the air tanks

Hose down the wheels

Set your tachograph to ‘other work’

LGV Test - 21

Question 2 of 20

How should you drive through flood water?

Slowly, in a low gear, with engine speed high

Slowly, in a high gear, with engine speed low

As quickly as possible to cause the least delay

At normal speed when you have spray reducers fitted

LGV Test - 21

Question 3 of 20

You're driving a lorry of more than 7.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass along a motorway. When can you use the right-hand lane to overtake?

When the motorway has two lanes

When the motorway has three lanes

When there's a 50 mph speed limit

When there's a 40 mph speed limit

LGV Test - 21

Question 4 of 20

Why is tailgating dangerous?

You're likely to be distracted

Your engine will overheat

Your view to the rear is reduced

Your view ahead is reduced

LGV Test - 21

Question 5 of 20

What do you need to be careful of when you're driving in high winds?

Fallen trees

Poor visibility

A risk of grounding

Steep gradients

LGV Test - 21

Question 6 of 20

What must you be certain of before you overtake at night?

You can see well ahead

The road's well lit

There is an overtaking lane

You are outside built-up areas

LGV Test - 21

Question 7 of 20

What should you do when you're overtaking a motorcyclist in very windy conditions?

Allow extra room

Overtake slowly

Sound your horn as you pass

Keep close as you pass

LGV Test - 21

Question 8 of 20

When shouldn't you overtake?

When the speed limit has been reduced

When you're approaching motorway slip roads

When you would have to break the speed limit

When your view of the road ahead is clear

LGV Test - 21

Question 9 of 20

You're driving along a motorway and see this sign. What does it mean?

There's a steep downhill section ahead

Only lorries and buses are allowed to use that lane

Vehicles fitted with speed limiters must use that lane

There's a long uphill gradient ahead

LGV Test - 21

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When may vehicles over 7.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass (MAM) use the right-hand lane of a motorway to overtake?

When the motorway has three lanes

When vehicles are stopped on the hard shoulder

When the motorway has two lanes

When other vehicles are turning right

LGV Test - 21

Question 11 of 20

How could you reduce the problems caused by a strong side wind when driving an empty curtain-sided vehicle on an exposed bridge?

Tie one curtain open and lock open the rear doors

Leave both curtain sides closed

Tie both curtains open

Tie open the curtain on the side the wind's blowing from

LGV Test - 21

Question 12 of 20

What should you do before changing lanes to overtake on a motorway?

Check your mirrors carefully

Change to a lower gear

Look over your left shoulder

Increase your speed gently

LGV Test - 21

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You're driving a lorry towards a high bridge on a windy day. What should you expect?

Changed weight limits

No restrictions for lorries

Minimum speed limits

Lane closures

LGV Test - 21

Question 14 of 20

What might happen if using the brakes continuously causes them to overheat?

The brakes will work better

The brakes will be less effective

The brake pedal will become stiff

The air pressure will increase

LGV Test - 21

Question 15 of 20

What should you do before you start to overtake a lorry?

Look well ahead for uphill gradients

Check your position in the left mirror

Change quickly to a higher gear

Close right up before pulling out

LGV Test - 21

Question 16 of 20

What is a crawler lane for?

To enable other traffic to overtake on the nearside

To enable large vehicles to pull over and park out of the way

To enable slow-moving traffic to move further over to the left on uphill gradients

To enable emergency vehicles to get quickly to the scene of an incident

LGV Test - 21

Question 17 of 20

You're driving in the left-hand lane of a motorway. What should you do when you see a large vehicle merging from a slip road ahead?

Try to race and get ahead of it

Leave the other vehicle to adjust its speed

Stay at the maximum speed allowed for your vehicle

Be ready to adjust your speed

LGV Test - 21

Question 18 of 20

What should you do if an overtaking vehicle pulls in too close in front of you?

Slow down

Stay close behind

Overtake when you can

Flash your headlights

LGV Test - 21

Question 19 of 20

You arrive at the scene of an incident where someone is injured. What should be given urgent priority?

Deal with the danger from further collisions or fire

Get the casualty a warm drink

Take details of any witnesses

Take the numbers of the vehicles involved

LGV Test - 21

Question 20 of 20

While driving through a tunnel, your vehicle catches fire. What's the first thing you should do if the vehicle can't be driven out of the tunnel?

Wait for the police, tunnels are regularly patrolled

Stay with your vehicle, you will be seen by the CCTV cameras

Stop at the side of the road and switch off the engine

Don't put out the fire; wait for the emergency services