LGV Test - 35

LGV Test - 35
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LGV Test - 35

Question 1 of 20

You're returning to the UK and are about to board a ferry. An immigration officer asks to see your documentation. What must you show them immediately?

Your vehicle registration book

Your driver's hours record

Your operator documentation

Your driving licence

LGV Test - 35

Question 2 of 20

You'll need to take 35 hours of training to maintain your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). Over what period must this be carried out?

One year

Three years

Five years

Ten years

LGV Test - 35

Question 3 of 20

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) requires you to take training every five years. How many hours of training must you take?

30 hours

35 hours

40 hours

45 hours

LGV Test - 35

Question 4 of 20

You've been convicted of a drink-drive offence and banned from driving. Which entitlement will this ban affect?

Your entitlement to drive all motor vehicles

Your car entitlement

Your lorry entitlement

Your bus entitlement

LGV Test - 35

Question 5 of 20

How can vehicle operators help to prevent the carriage of illegal immigrants?

By using an effective vehicle security system

By using vehicle tracking devices

By taking out liability insurance

By having effective mobile communications

LGV Test - 35

Question 6 of 20

You're applying for an LGV or PCV licence for the first time. What will your medical examination include?

An eyesight test

A numeracy test

A hygiene test

A literacy test

LGV Test - 35

Question 7 of 20

What condition could prevent you from holding a lorry or bus licence?


Partial blindness


Stomach upset

LGV Test - 35

Question 8 of 20

Who's responsible for making sure that cargo arrives undamaged?

The packer

The driver

The sender

The loader

LGV Test - 35

Question 9 of 20

What's the maximum fine for driving without insurance?





LGV Test - 35

Question 10 of 20

You're delivering boxes of chilled food to a supermarket. What specific training would you need?

Hygiene procedures

ADR procedures

Waste-handling procedures

Eco-safe driving procedures

LGV Test - 35

Question 11 of 20

You'll be driving your vehicle in Europe. Which of these documents must you carry?

The vehicle service record

Your medical examination form

Your national driving licence

The vehicle workshop manual

LGV Test - 35

Question 12 of 20

What's the current fine for each person illegally carried into the UK?





LGV Test - 35

Question 13 of 20

For how long is a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) valid?

Until the vehicle is taxed, sold or scrapped

Until the vehicle is insured and MOT’d

Until the vehicle is repaired or modified

Until the vehicle is used on the road

LGV Test - 35

Question 14 of 20

What will cause a noticeable increase in your vehicle's fuel consumption?

Using electric windows

Using manual sun roof

Using air conditioning

Using the endurance brake

LGV Test - 35

Question 15 of 20

How can you help to ease traffic congestion?

Planning journeys to avoid the busy times

Planning journeys to avoid driving at quiet times

Using motorways for all journeys

Avoiding using motorways for all journeys

LGV Test - 35

Question 16 of 20

You've just refilled your fuel tank. What must you check before driving away from the fuel pump?

That the tank is completely full up to the filler neck

That the filler cap is vented correctly by keeping it loose

That the filler cap is properly closed and secure

That the tank is nearly full and the filler cap is slightly loose

LGV Test - 35

Question 17 of 20

Usually, a rev counter is divided into coloured bands. Which band should you stay in for maximum fuel economy?





LGV Test - 35

Question 18 of 20

You're driving between the hours of 11.30 pm and 7.00 am. When must you switch off your vehicle's reverse warning bleeper?

Before reversing on a road that has a 30 mph speed limit

Before reversing on a road that has a temporary speed limit

Before reversing on a road that has the national speed limit

Before reversing on a road that has a 40 mph speed limit

LGV Test - 35

Question 19 of 20

How could you reduce your lorry’s fuel consumption?

Fit new brake linings

Fit a high-level exhaust pipe

Fit a larger fuel tank

Fit wind deflectors

LGV Test - 35

Question 20 of 20

Which fuel is better for the environment?

Anti-waxing diesel

Low-sulphur diesel

Red diesel

Anti-foaming diesel