LGV Test - 39

LGV Test - 39
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LGV Test - 39

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What does this sign mean?

Vehicle carrying dangerous goods in packages

Vehicle broken down ahead

Holiday route

Emergency diversion route for motorway traffic

LGV Test - 39

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You're driving a lorry that's carrying a heavy load. What should you be prepared to do when you see this sign ahead?

Brake to a lower speed

Change up to a higher gear

Stop to check your load

Change down to a lower gear

LGV Test - 39

Question 3 of 20

You’re driving a lorry weighing more than 7.5 tonnes on a single carriageway road in England. What does this sign mean?

Maximum speed 30 mph

Maximum speed 40 mph

Maximum speed 50 mph

Maximum speed 60 mph

LGV Test - 39

Question 4 of 20

You see this traffic light ahead. Which light or lights will come on next?

Red alone

Red and amber together

Green and amber together

Green alone

LGV Test - 39

Question 5 of 20

You're driving on a smart motorway. What's the speed limit when the hard shoulder is being used as a running lane?

The speed limits displayed are advisory

The national speed limit applies

The set speed limit is displayed

The speed limit is always 30 mph

LGV Test - 39

Question 6 of 20

In which part of the United Kingdom do traffic officers operate?

England only

England, Scotland and Wales

England and Wales

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

LGV Test - 39

Question 7 of 20

You're driving in fog on a three-lane motorway. Which lane are you in when you can see red reflective studs on your left and white reflective studs on your right?

Hard shoulder

Middle lane

Right-hand lane

Left-hand lane

LGV Test - 39

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Which sign means that pedestrians may be walking along the road?





LGV Test - 39

Question 9 of 20

What must you do when you're approaching a pelican crossing in its flashing amber phase?

Give way to pedestrians who are crossing

Encourage pedestrians to cross

Wait until the green light appears

Stop even if the crossing is clear

LGV Test - 39

Question 10 of 20

You’re driving a laden articulated lorry with a maximum authorised mass of 38 tonnes on a dual carriageway in England. What speed limit applies to your vehicle after passing this sign?

40 mph

50 mph

60 mph

70 mph

LGV Test - 39

Question 11 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Stop only to pick up passengers

No stopping at any time

Stop only to set down passengers

No stopping at peak times

LGV Test - 39

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What's the national speed limit on a motorway for a lorry weighing over 7.5 tonnes?

50 mph (80 km/h)

55 mph (88 km/h)

60 mph (96 km/h)

70 mph (112 km/h)

LGV Test - 39

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Where would you expect to see these road markings?

At the entrance to a car park

On the approach to an arched bridge

At the start of a cycle lane

On the approach to a lifting barrier

LGV Test - 39

Question 14 of 20

What does this sign mean?

No U-turns

Two-way traffic

One-way system

End of one-way system

LGV Test - 39

Question 15 of 20

What should you do when you see this sign ahead?

Accelerate because you have priority

Slow down, the road may be narrow ahead

Stop and give way to oncoming traffic

Maintain your speed, it's just an information sign

LGV Test - 39

Question 16 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Soft verges

Only cars may park here

Parking restrictions apply

Fuel and water tanks will leak

LGV Test - 39

Question 17 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Tramway speed limit

Distance to level crossing

Maximum passenger capacity

Goods vehicle weight limit

LGV Test - 39

Question 18 of 20

When must you stop on a motorway?

When you're tired and need to walk in the fresh air

When you're picking up hitchhikers

When you're signalled to do so by flashing red lights

When you need to answer your mobile phone

LGV Test - 39

Question 19 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Give way to traffic from the opposite direction

You are entering a one-way street

Two-way traffic ahead

You have priority over vehicles from the opposite direction

LGV Test - 39

Question 20 of 20

What's the purpose of an emergency refuge area on a smart motorway?

It's for use in case of emergency or breakdown

It's for use if you think you'll be involved in a road-rage incident

It's for a police patrol to park and watch traffic

It's for construction and road workers to store emergency equipment