LGV Test - 5

LGV Test - 5
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LGV Test - 5

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What security precautions should you take if you're carrying a high-value load and have to park and sleep overnight in the cab?

Lock the doors but leave a window open for ventilation

Make sure the doors and windows are secure

Stay at the same location regularly

Park in a quiet, unlit, non-residential area

LGV Test - 5

Question 2 of 20

You're driving under EU drivers' hours. How is a week defined under these rules?

Between 00.00 hours on Monday and 24.00 hours the following Sunday

Any seven-day period

Between 00.00 hours and 24.00 hours six days later

A working period of 56 hours

LGV Test - 5

Question 3 of 20

The analogue tachograph on your vehicle becomes faulty. How long do you have before you must have it repaired?

one day

three days

one week

two weeks

LGV Test - 5

Question 4 of 20

What must you do when driving under the rules for domestic drivers’ hours?

keep a written record of hours worked

only record any driving off public roads

keep a written record of driving time only

always use a vehicle fitted with a tachograph

LGV Test - 5

Question 5 of 20

What must you do when using a vehicle fitted with an analogue tachograph?

Carry enough approved charts

Use damaged charts if they're clean

Use dirty charts if they're undamaged

Reuse charts twice

LGV Test - 5

Question 6 of 20

Under EU rules, what's the maximum driving time allowed in any two consecutive weeks?

85 hours

90 hours

100 hours

105 hours

LGV Test - 5

Question 7 of 20

What period of time does one tachograph chart cover?

24 hours

48 hours

5 days

7 days

LGV Test - 5

Question 8 of 20

What does a tachograph record?

load weight

driving time

fuel consumption

rest periods

LGV Test - 5

Question 9 of 20

What period of time makes up a driver’s week?

00.00 hours Monday to 24.00 hours the following Sunday

00.00 hours Sunday to 24.00 hours the following Saturday

any seven consecutive days

any 56 hours driven

LGV Test - 5

Question 10 of 20

Which digital tachograph card is only available to enforcement authorities?

Control card

CPC card

Company card

Workshop card

LGV Test - 5

Question 11 of 20

What should you do if you have to leave your vehicle unattended for a very short time?

Leave a note in the window explaining you'll be back soon

Leave the keys available in case of obstruction

Keep the engine running but lock the doors

Secure the vehicle and lock the doors

LGV Test - 5

Question 12 of 20

An enforcement officer keeps one of your tachograph charts. Who should sign the back of the replacement chart?

You, the driver

Your transport manager

The vehicle owner

The officer

LGV Test - 5

Question 13 of 20

You've been driving a lorry without a break for four-and-a-half hours. Under EU rules, you must now take a break. How long must this break be?

30 minutes

35 minutes

40 minutes

45 minutes

LGV Test - 5

Question 14 of 20

How often must an analogue tachograph be checked at an approved calibration centre?

Every 1 year

Every 2 years

Every 5 years

Every 6 years

LGV Test - 5

Question 15 of 20

Before starting driving, which of the following should you complete on the centre field of your tachograph chart?

The place from which you start your days journey

Details of the goods carried

The name and address of your employer

The amount of daily rest taken prior to starting the shift

LGV Test - 5

Question 16 of 20

What can happen to drivers who break EU tachograph regulations?

They can be given three warnings

They can have their passport withdrawn

They can be heavily fined

They can be let off if they're new to using tachographs

LGV Test - 5

Question 17 of 20

What should you do if you feel tired after driving for two-and-a-half hours?

Slow down to a safer speed

Reduce your planned driving time to three and a half hours

Stop as soon as it is safe to do so

Take a less busy route

LGV Test - 5

Question 18 of 20

Which authority must you contact if your tachograph card is lost or stolen?

The police

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

A tachograph centre

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

LGV Test - 5

Question 19 of 20

A vehicle fitted with an analogue tachograph has two drivers. How should they use the tachograph?

share the same tachograph chart

use a separate tachograph chart for every driving period

use their own tachograph chart

not use the tachograph for such duties

LGV Test - 5

Question 20 of 20

What's most likely to cause tiredness?

Making frequent and regular stops

Taking driving breaks on board the vehicle

Having insufficient breaks from driving

Using vehicles with automatic gearboxes