LGV Test - 6

LGV Test - 6
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LGV Test - 6

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At the end of your working week, you've driven a total of 56 hours. Under EU rules, what's the maximum number of hours you can drive in the following week?





LGV Test - 6

Question 2 of 20

You're driving under EU tachograph regulations and lose your smart card. When must you inform the relevant authority?

Within 5 days

Within 7 days

Within 14 days

Within 28 days

LGV Test - 6

Question 3 of 20

Where should you park your trailer if you have to leave it unattended?

in a public car park

on the public highway

on secure premises

in a quiet residential area

LGV Test - 6

Question 4 of 20

How can you reduce the likelihood of theft of your load when leaving your vehicle overnight?

Park with the rear doors close up to another vehicle

Park with the rear doors well away from another vehicle

Park with the front doors well away from another vehicle

Park with the front doors close up to another vehicle

LGV Test - 6

Question 5 of 20

How can you find out when an analogue tachograph was last recalibrated?

From a date on the tachograph chart

By contacting the vehicle's manufacturer

By checking the vehicle's service record

From a plaque on or near the tachograph

LGV Test - 6

Question 6 of 20

Who's responsible for the issue of tachograph charts to a bus or lorry driver?

The driver's employer

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

The authorised calibration centre

The local MOT testing centre

LGV Test - 6

Question 7 of 20

When should your trailer be fitted with a kingpin or drawbar lock?

When it's being driving on motorways

When it's being being driven abroad

When it's being partly loaded

When it's left unattended

LGV Test - 6

Question 8 of 20

You're driving a lorry on a motorway and you start to feel drowsy. What should you do when there are no service areas or exits for some distance?

Stop on the hard shoulder and rest

Open the window and turn the heating down

Slow down and use the hazard warning lights

Increase your speed to get to the next service area sooner

LGV Test - 6

Question 9 of 20

You're planning to carry high-value goods on a regular basis. Whose advice should you seek?

other drivers in your area

your local crime prevention officer

other operators in your area

your local road safety officer

LGV Test - 6

Question 10 of 20

You're often involved in the carrying of high-value goods. What security measures can you adopt?

Vary your routes and rest stops

Always discuss details of your load

Give lifts to anyone for added security

Keep your journeys to a strict routine

LGV Test - 6

Question 11 of 20

A driver is convicted of obstructing an enforcement officer in the course of their duties. Under EU drivers' hours regulations, what's the maximum fine they can receive?





LGV Test - 6

Question 12 of 20

Your vehicle breaks down during a journey. You continue by driving in another vehicle with the same type of tachograph. What must you do with your tachograph chart?

Leave it in the broken down vehicle

Take it with you for security, but use a new chart in the new vehicle

Telephone the testing authority for permission to drive without a chart

Take it with you, using it in the new vehicle

LGV Test - 6

Question 13 of 20

Which of the following is good practice in keeping your lorry and its load safe?

Parking in a quiet area, out of sight

Making sure the back doors are accessible

Parking in a well-lit lorry park

Showing your papers to anyone who stops you

LGV Test - 6

Question 14 of 20

While you're driving, you notice your tachograph isn't working. What should you do?

Stop immediately and don't drive until it's been repaired

Report it to the nearest police station

Telephone the vehicle testing authority and report the fault

Continue your journey but make a manual record

LGV Test - 6

Question 15 of 20

Drivers must have a driver smart card for use in digital tachographs. Where can you obtain a replacement smart card in Great Britain?

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Highways England

A tachograph calibration centre

The Post Office

LGV Test - 6

Question 16 of 20

What should you do if you start to feel tired or unable to concentrate while you're driving?

Stop as soon as it is safe to do so

Wind down a window and carry on

Switch on the radio and complete your journey

Speed up to get to your destination sooner

LGV Test - 6

Question 17 of 20

How long is a digital tachograph driver smart card valid?

One year

Three years

Five years

Ten years

LGV Test - 6

Question 18 of 20

Where can you get a replacement driver tachograph card?

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Any MOT test centre

A tachograph centre

LGV Test - 6

Question 19 of 20

You must have enough tachograph charts with you for your journey. When do you need to start a new chart?

Every 10 hours

Every 24 hours

Every 36 hours

Every 48 hours

LGV Test - 6

Question 20 of 20

The time is 10.00 am. You've been driving non-stop since 6.00 am. Under EU rules, what's the longest you may now drive without a break?

15 minutes

30 minutes

40 minutes

45 minutes