Motorcycle Test - 12

Motorcycle Test - 12
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Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 1 of 20

What's likely to happen if you get cold and wet when riding a motorcycle?

Your concentration will be impaired

Your riding will improve

Your visor will freeze up

Your reactions will be quicker

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 2 of 20

What is the main hazard shown in this picture?

Vehicles turning right

Vehicles doing U-turns

The cyclist crossing the road

Parked cars around the corner

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 3 of 20

When riding long distances at speed, noise can cause fatigue. What can you do to help reduce this?

Vary your speed

Wear ear plugs

Use an open-face helmet

Ride in an upright position

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 4 of 20

You are approaching crossroads. The traffic lights have failed. What should you do?

Brake and stop only for large vehicles

Brake sharply to a stop before looking

Be prepared to brake sharply to a stop

Be prepared to stop for any traffic.

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 5 of 20

How are you likely to be affected by drinking alcohol?

You'll be more cautious and perceptive

The speed of your reactions will increase

Your judgement of speed will be worse

Your awareness of danger will improve

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 6 of 20

For which of these may you use hazard warning lights?

When riding on a motorway to warn traffic behind of a hazard ahead

When you are double parked on a two way road

When your direction indicators are not working

When warning oncoming traffic that you intend to stop

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 7 of 20

You've just passed these warning lights. What hazard would you expect to see next?

A level crossing with no barrier

An ambulance station

A school crossing patrol

An opening bridge

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 8 of 20

Why should you check over your shoulder before turning right into a side road?

To make sure the side road is clear

To check for emerging traffic

To check for overtaking vehicles

To confirm your intention to turn

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 9 of 20

You find that you need glasses to read vehicle number plates at the required distance. When must you wear them?

Only in bad weather conditions

At all times when riding

Only when you think it necessary

Only in bad light or at night time

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 10 of 20

Some two-way roads are divided into three lanes. Why are these particularly dangerous?

Traffic in both directions can use the middle lane to overtake

Traffic can travel faster in poor weather conditions

Traffic can overtake on the left

Traffic uses the middle lane for emergencies only

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 11 of 20

You are approaching this cyclist. You should

overtake before the cyclist gets to the junction

flash your headlights at the cyclist

slow down and allow the cyclist to turn

overtake the cyclist on the left-hand side

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 12 of 20

What hazard should you be aware of when going along this street?

Glare from the sun

Car doors opening suddenly

Lack of road markings

The headlights on parked cars being switched on

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 13 of 20

Where shouldn't you overtake?

On a single carriageway

On a one-way street

Approaching a junction

Travelling up a long hill

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 14 of 20

Why should you be cautious when going past this stationary bus?

There is traffic approaching in the distance

The driver may open the door

People may cross the road in front of it

The road surface will be slippery

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 15 of 20

What should you do as you approach this overhead bridge?

Move out to the centre of the road before going through

Find another route, this is only for high vehicles

Be prepared to give way to large vehicles in the middle of the road

Move across to the right hand side before going through

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 16 of 20

What type of vehicle could you expect to meet in the middle of the road?





Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 17 of 20

The red lights are flashing. What should you do when approaching this level crossing?

Go through quickly

Go through carefully

Stop before the barrier

Switch on hazard warning lights

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 18 of 20

You see this sign ahead. You should expect the road to

go steeply uphill

go steeply downhill

bend sharply to the left

bend sharply to the right

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 19 of 20

Why are mirrors often slightly curved (convex)?

They give a wider field of vision

They totally cover blind spots

They make it easier to judge the speed of following traffic

They make following traffic look bigger

Motorcycle Test - 12

Question 20 of 20

Which type of glasses shouldn't be worn when riding at night?