Motorcycle Test - 13

Motorcycle Test - 13
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Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 1 of 20

What type of vehicle displays this yellow sign?

A broken-down vehicle

A school bus

An ice cream van

A private ambulance

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 2 of 20

It is a very hot day. What would you expect to find?

Mud on the road

A soft road surface

Roadworks ahead

Banks of fog

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 3 of 20

You're about to ride home but you can't find the glasses you need to wear. What should you do?

Ride home slowly, keeping to quiet roads

Borrow a friend's glasses and use those

Ride home at night, so that the lights will help you

Find a way of getting home without riding

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 4 of 20

A slow-moving lorry showing this sign is travelling in the middle lane of a three-lane motorway. How should you pass it?

Cautiously approach the lorry then pass on either side

Don't pass the lorry and leave the motorway at the next exit

Use the right-hand lane and pass the lorry normally

Approach with care and pass on the left of the lorry

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 5 of 20

How should you drive in areas with traffic-calming measures?

At a reduced speed

At the speed limit

In the centre of the road

With headlights on dipped beam

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 6 of 20

You are convicted of riding after drinking too much alcohol. How could this affect your insurance?

Your insurance may become invalid

The amount of excess you pay will be reduced

You will only be able to get third party cover

Cover will only be given for riding smaller motorcycles

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 7 of 20

A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you. You have to brake hard. You should

ignore the error and stay calm

flash your lights to show your annoyance

sound your horn to show your annoyance

overtake as soon as possible

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 8 of 20

You're not sure whether your cough medicine will affect your ability to ride safely. What should you do?

Ask your doctor

Don't take the medicine

Ride if you feel alright

Ask a friend or relative for advice

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 9 of 20

Why are place names painted on the road surface?

To restrict the flow of traffic

To warn you of oncoming traffic

To enable you to change lanes early

To prevent you changing lanes

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 10 of 20

Which road user has caused a hazard?

The parked car (arrowed A)

The pedestrian waiting to cross (arrowed B)

The moving car (arrowed C)

The car turning (arrowed D)

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 11 of 20

When should you use hazard warning lights?

When you are double-parked on a two-way road

When your direction indicators are not working

When warning oncoming traffic that you intend to stop

When your motorcycle has broken down and is causing an obstruction

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 12 of 20

You think the driver of the vehicle in front has forgotten to cancel their right indicator. What should you do?

Flash your lights to alert the driver

Sound your horn before overtaking

Overtake on the left if there is room

Stay behind and not overtake

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 13 of 20

You are on a dual carriageway. Ahead you see a vehicle with an amber flashing light. What could this be?

An ambulance

A fire engine

A doctor on call

A disabled person's vehicle

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 14 of 20

At this blind junction you must stop

behind the line, then edge forward to see clearly

beyond the line at a point where you can see clearly

only if there is traffic on the main road

only if you are turning to the right

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 15 of 20

When riding how can you help to reduce the risk of hearing damage?

Wearing goggles

Using ear plugs

Wearing a scarf

Keeping the visor up

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 16 of 20

Which of these is an effect of drinking alcohol?

Faster reactions

Colour blindness

Poor judgement

Increased concentration

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 17 of 20

A driver does something that upsets you. You should

try not to react

let them know how you feel

flash your headlights several times

sound your horn

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 18 of 20

What's an effect of drinking alcohol?

Poor judgement of speed

A loss of confidence

Faster reactions

Greater awareness of danger

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 19 of 20

You are riding up to a zebra crossing. You intend to stop for waiting pedestrians. How could you let them know you are stopping?

By signalling with your left arm

By waving them across

By flashing your headlight

By signalling with your right arm

Motorcycle Test - 13

Question 20 of 20

You see a pedestrian with a white stick and red band. This means that the person is

physically disabled

deaf only

blind only

deaf and blind