Motorcycle Test - 17

Motorcycle Test - 17
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Motorcycle Test - 17

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At some traffic lights there are advance stop lines and a marked area. What are these for?

To allow cyclists to position in front of other traffic

To let pedestrians cross when the lights change

To prevent traffic from jumping the lights

To let passengers get off a bus which is queuing

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 2 of 20

Why should you look particularly for motorcyclists and cyclists at junctions?

They may want to turn into the side road

They may slow down to let you turn

They are harder to see

They might not see you turn

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 3 of 20

A horse rider is in the left-hand lane approaching a roundabout. Where should you expect the rider to go?

In any direction

To the right

To the left

Straight ahead

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 4 of 20

You are on a country road. What should you expect to see coming towards you on YOUR side of the road?




Horse riders

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 5 of 20

Who may use toucan crossings?

Motorcyclists and cyclists

Motorcyclists and pedestrians

Only cyclists

Cyclists and pedestrians

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 6 of 20

The road outside this school is marked with yellow zigzag lines. What do these lines mean?

You may park on the lines when dropping off school children

You may park on the lines when picking up school children

You should not wait or park your motorcycle here

You must stay with your motorcycle if you park here

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 7 of 20

These road markings must be kept clear to allow

school children to be dropped off

for teachers to park

school children to be picked up

a clear view of the crossing area

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 8 of 20

At night you see a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing and carrying a bright red light. What does this mean?

You are approaching roadworks

You are approaching an organised walk

You are approaching a slow-moving vehicle

You are approaching a traffic danger spot

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 9 of 20

You are following two cyclists. They approach a roundabout in the left-hand lane. In which direction should you expect the cyclists to go?



Any direction

Straight ahead

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 10 of 20

You are following a motorcyclist on an uneven road. You should

allow less room so you can be seen in their mirrors

overtake immediately

allow extra room in case they swerve to avoid potholes

allow the same room as normal because road surfaces do not affect motorcyclists

Motorcycle Test - 17

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Which is the most vulnerable road user at road junctions?

Car driver

Tractor driver

Lorry driver


Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 12 of 20

You are waiting to come out of a side road. Why should you watch carefully for motorcycles?

Motorcycles are usually faster than cars

Police patrols often use motorcycles

Motorcycles are small and hard to see

Motorcycles have right of way

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 13 of 20

How would you react to drivers who appear to be inexperienced?

Sound your horn to warn them of your presence

Be patient and prepare for them to react more slowly

Flash your headlights to indicate that it is safe for them to proceed

Overtake them as soon as possible

Motorcycle Test - 17

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What does this sign mean?

No route for pedestrians and cyclists

A route for pedestrians only

A route for cyclists only

A route for pedestrians and cyclists

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 15 of 20

You are at a road junction, turning into a minor road. There are pedestrians crossing the minor road. You should

stop and wave the pedestrians across

sound your horn to let the pedestrians know that you are there

give way to the pedestrians who are already crossing

carry on; the pedestrians should give way to you

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 16 of 20

You're riding behind a long vehicle. There's a mini-roundabout ahead. The vehicle is signalling left, but it's positioned to the right. What should you do?

sound your horn

overtake on the left

keep well back

flash your headlights

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 17 of 20

You keep well back while waiting to overtake a large vehicle. What should you do if a car moves into the gap?

Sound your horn

Drop back further

Flash your headlights

Start to overtake

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 18 of 20

You are following a long vehicle approaching a crossroads. The driver signals right but moves close to the left-hand kerb. What should you do?

Warn the driver of the wrong signal

Wait behind the long vehicle

Report the driver to the police

Overtake on the right-hand side

Motorcycle Test - 17

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You're travelling behind a bus that pulls up at a bus stop. What should you do?

Accelerate past the bus

Watch carefully for pedestrians

Sound your horn

Pull in closely behind the bus

Motorcycle Test - 17

Question 20 of 20

Why should you be careful when riding on roads where electric trams operate?

They cannot steer to avoid you

They give off harmful exhaust fumes

They are noisy and slow

They can brake very quickly