Motorcycle Test - 22

Motorcycle Test - 22
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Motorcycle Test - 22

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What should you do immediately after joining a motorway?

Try to overtake

Re-adjust your mirrors

Position your vehicle in the centre lane

Keep in the left-hand lane

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 2 of 20

When may you stop on a motorway?

If you have to read a map

When you are tired and need a rest

If your mobile phone rings

In an emergency or breakdown

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 3 of 20

You are travelling on a motorway. A red cross is shown above the hard shoulder. What does this mean?

Use this lane as a rest area

Use this as a normal running lane

Do not use this lane to travel in

National speed limit applies in this lane

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 4 of 20

You break down on a motorway. You need to call for help. Why may it be better to use an emergency roadside telephone rather than a mobile phone?

It connects you to a local garage

Using a mobile phone will distract other drivers

It allows easy location by the emergency services

Mobile phones do not work on motorways

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 5 of 20

Motorway emergency telephones connect to the police or which other organisation?

The Highways Agency.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

The local Vehicle Registration Office.

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 6 of 20

On a motorway you may ONLY stop on the hard shoulder

in an emergency

If you feel tired and need to rest

if you go past the exit that you wanted to take

to pick up a hitchhiker

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 7 of 20

You've broken down on a motorway. In which direction should you walk to find the nearest emergency telephone?

With the traffic flow

Facing oncoming traffic

In the direction shown on the marker posts

In the direction of the nearest exit

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 8 of 20

What do these motorway signs show?

They are countdown markers to a bridge

They are distance markers to the next telephone

They are countdown markers to the next exit

They warn of a police control ahead

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 9 of 20

On a three-lane motorway, which lane should you normally use?




Either the right or centre

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 10 of 20

What basic rule applies when you're using a motorway?

Use the lane that has least traffic

Keep to the left-hand lane unless overtaking

Overtake on the side that is clearest

Try to keep above 50 mph to prevent congestion

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 11 of 20

Why is it particularly important to carry out a check of your motorcycle before making a long motorway journey?

You will have to do more harsh braking on motorways

Motorway service stations do not deal with breakdowns

The road surface will wear down the tyres faster

Continuous high speeds may increase the risk of your motorcycle breaking down

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 12 of 20

Why can it be an advantage for traffic speed to stay constant over a longer distance?

You'll do more stop-start driving

You'll use far more fuel

You'll be able to use more direct routes

Your overall journey time will normally improve

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 13 of 20

Unless signs show otherwise, what's the national speed limit for a car or motorcycle on a motorway?

50 mph

60 mph

70 mph

80 mph

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 14 of 20

You should not normally travel on the hard shoulder of a motorway. When can you use it?

When taking the next exit

When traffic is stopped

When signs direct you to

When traffic is slow moving

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 15 of 20

You're travelling in the left-hand lane of a three-lane motorway. How should you react to traffic joining from a slip road?

Race the other vehicles

Move to another lane

Maintain a steady speed

Switch on your hazard flashers

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 16 of 20

Which vehicles should use the left-hand lane on a three-lane motorway?

Any vehicle

Large vehicles only

Emergency vehicles only

Slow vehicles only

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 17 of 20

You're travelling along a motorway. When are you allowed to overtake on the left?

When you can see well ahead that the hard shoulder is clear

When the traffic in the right-hand lane is signalling right

When you warn drivers behind by signalling left

When in queues and traffic to your right is moving more slowly than you are

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 18 of 20

You're on a motorway and there are red flashing lights above every lane. What must you do?

Pull onto the hard shoulder

Slow down and watch for further signals

Leave at the next exit

Stop and wait

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 19 of 20

You are riding on a motorway. Unless signs show otherwise you must NOT exceed

50 mph

60 mph

70 mph

80 mph

Motorcycle Test - 22

Question 20 of 20

You're on a three-lane motorway. There are red reflective studs on your left and white ones to your right. Which lane are you in?

In the right-hand lane

In the middle lane

On the hard shoulder

In the left-hand lane