Motorcycle Test - 24

Motorcycle Test - 24
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Motorcycle Test - 24

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What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road?





Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 2 of 20

You are on a motorway. You become tired and decide you need to rest. What should you do?

Stop on the hard shoulder

Pull up on a slip road

Park on the central reservation

Leave at the next exit

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 3 of 20

You are approaching roadworks on a motorway. What should you do?

Speed up to clear the area quickly

Always use the hard shoulder

Obey all speed limits

Stay very close to the vehicle in front

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 4 of 20

You're on a smart motorway. A mandatory speed limit is displayed above the hard shoulder. What does this mean?

You should not travel in this lane

The hard shoulder can be used as a running lane

You can park on the hard shoulder if you feel tired

You can pull up in this lane to answer a mobile phone

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 5 of 20

On a three-lane motorway why should you normally ride in the left-hand lane?

The left-hand lane is only for lorries and motorcycles

The left-hand lane should only be used by smaller vehicles

The lanes on the right are for overtaking

Motorcycles are not allowed in the far right-hand lane

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 6 of 20

What should you do when going through a contraflow system on a motorway?

Ensure that you do not exceed 30 mph

Keep a good distance from the vehicle ahead

Switch lanes to keep the traffic flowing

Stay close to the vehicle ahead to reduce queues

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 7 of 20

What's used to reduce traffic bunching on a motorway?

Variable speed limits

Contraflow systems

National speed limits

Lane closures

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 8 of 20

On a motorway, what's an emergency refuge area used for?

In cases of emergency or breakdown

If you think you'll be involved in a road rage incident

For a police patrol to park and watch traffic

For construction and road workers to store emergency equipment

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 9 of 20

You are on a motorway. What colour are the reflective studs on the left of the carriageway?





Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 10 of 20

You're using a smart motorway. What happens when it's operating?

Speed limits above lanes are advisory

The national speed limit will apply

The speed limit is always 30 mph

You must obey the speed limits shown

Motorcycle Test - 24

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After a breakdown you need to rejoin the main carriageway of a motorway from the hard shoulder. You should

move out onto the carriageway then build up your speed

move out onto the carriageway using your hazard lights

gain speed on the hard shoulder before moving out onto the carriageway

wait on the hard shoulder until someone flashes their headlights at you

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 12 of 20

You're joining a motorway from a slip road. What should you do?

Adjust your speed to the speed of the traffic on the motorway

Accelerate as quickly as you can and ride straight out

Ride onto the hard shoulder until a gap appears

Expect drivers on the motorway to give way to you

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 13 of 20

You are joining a motorway. Why is it important to make full use of the slip road?

Because there is space available to turn round if you need to

To allow you direct access to the overtaking lanes

To build up a speed similar to traffic on the motorway

Because you can continue on the hard shoulder

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 14 of 20

You're waiting at a pelican crossing. What does it mean when the red light changes to flashing amber?

Wait for pedestrians on the crossing to clear

Move off immediately without any hesitation

Wait for the green light before moving off

Get ready and go when the continuous amber light shows

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 15 of 20

Which lane mustn't you use when you’re riding your motorcycle?

Crawler lane

Overtaking lane

Acceleration lane

Cycle lane

Motorcycle Test - 24

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At toucan crossings, apart from pedestrians you should be aware of

emergency vehicles emerging

buses pulling out

trams crossing in front

cyclists riding across

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 17 of 20

At a crossroads there are no signs or road markings. Two vehicles approach. Which has priority?

Neither of the vehicles

The vehicle travelling the fastest

Oncoming vehicles turning right

Vehicles approaching from the right

Motorcycle Test - 24

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What is the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for cars and motorcycles?

30 mph

50 mph

60 mph

70 mph

Motorcycle Test - 24

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When can you park on the left opposite these road markings?

If the line nearest to you is broken

When there are no yellow lines

To pick up or set down passengers

During daylight hours only

Motorcycle Test - 24

Question 20 of 20

What does this sign mean?

No parking for solo motorcycles

Parking for solo motorcycles

Passing place for motorcycles

Police motorcycles only