Motorcycle Test - 27

Motorcycle Test - 27
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Motorcycle Test - 27

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Who can use a toucan crossing?





Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 2 of 20

Which person's signal to stop must you obey?

A motorcyclist

A pedestrian

A police officer

A bus driver

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 3 of 20

What should you do when you meet an obstruction on your side of the road?

Carry on, as you have priority

Give way to oncoming traffic

Wave oncoming vehicles through

Accelerate to get past first

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 4 of 20

You're on a well-lit road at night, in a built-up area. How will using dipped headlights help?

You can see further along the road

You can go at a much faster speed

You can switch to main beam quickly

You can be easily seen by others

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 5 of 20

Which vehicle might have to use a different course to normal at roundabouts?

Sports car


Estate car

Long vehicle

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 6 of 20

At a busy unmarked crossroads, which of the following has priority?

Vehicles going straight ahead

Vehicles turning right

None of the vehicles

The vehicles that arrived first

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 7 of 20

On which occasion may you enter a box junction?

When there are less than two vehicles in front of you

When the traffic lights show green

When your exit road is clear

When you need to turn left

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 8 of 20

Where may you overtake on a one-way street?

Only on the left-hand side

Overtaking is not allowed

Only on the right-hand side

Either on the right or the left

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 9 of 20

You park at night on a road with a 40 mph speed limit. What should you do?

Park facing the traffic

Park with parking lights on

Park with dipped headlights on

Park near a street light

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 10 of 20

There is a tractor ahead of you. You wish to overtake but you are NOT sure if it is safe to do so. You should

follow another overtaking vehicle through

sound your horn to the slow vehicle to pull over

speed through but flash your lights to oncoming traffic

not overtake if you are in doubt

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 11 of 20

What must you have to legally carry a pillion passenger on your motorcycle?

A motorcycle with an engine larger than 125 cc

A passenger who holds a full motorcycle licence

A full motorcycle licence

Three years’ motorcycle riding experience

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 12 of 20

You hold a provisional motorcycle licence. What does your licence restrict you from doing?

Exceeding 30 mph

Riding on a dual carriageway

Riding after dark

Carrying a pillion passenger

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 13 of 20

When must you notify the licensing authority?

When your insurance is due for renewal

When your health prevents you from riding

When you intend taking your motorcycle abroad on holiday

When you wish to renew your motorcycle's MOT certificate

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 14 of 20

What is the maximum fine for driving without insurance?





Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 15 of 20

What should you be sure of before riding anyone else’s motorcycle?

That the owner has third party insurance cover

That your own motorcycle has insurance cover

That the motorcycle is insured for your use

That the owner has the insurance documents with them

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 16 of 20

What is a cover note?

A document issued before you receive your driving licence

A document issued before you receive your insurance certificate

A document issued before you receive your registration document

A document issued before you receive your MOT certificate

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 17 of 20

Who can carry out Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)?

any ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)

any road safety officer

any DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) approved training body

any motorcycle main dealer

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 18 of 20

How long after first registration must a motorcycle have its first MOT test?

One year

Three years

Five years

Seven years

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 19 of 20

What must you have when you apply to renew your vehicle excise licence?

valid insurance

The chassis number

the handbook

a valid driving licence

Motorcycle Test - 27

Question 20 of 20

A police officer asks to see your documents. You don't have them with you. Within what time must you produce them at a police station?

5 days

7 days

14 days

21 days