Motorcycle Test - 28

Motorcycle Test - 28
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Motorcycle Test - 28

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Do you need to display L plates when learning to ride a motorcycle under the direct access scheme?

No, you don't need L plates if you've passed a car test

Yes, you need L plates only when learning on your own machine

Yes, you need L plates while learning with a qualified instructor

No, you don't need L plates if you've passed a moped test

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 2 of 20

What information is found on a vehicle registration document?

Make and model

Service history record

Ignition key security number

Original purchase price

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 3 of 20

You've just passed your practical motorcycle test. This is your first full licence. If you gather six or more penalty points within the next two years what will you have to do?

Retake only your theory test

Reapply for your full licence immediately

Retake only your practical test

Reapply for your provisional licence

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 4 of 20

What is the legal minimum insurance cover you must have to ride on public roads?

Third party, fire and theft

Fully comprehensive

Third party only

Personal injury cover

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 5 of 20

For how long is an MOT certificate normally valid?

Three years after the date it was issued

10,000 miles

One year after the date it was issued

30,000 miles

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 6 of 20

What information can be found on a motorcycle’s registration document?

The registered keeper’s name

The type of insurance cover required

Service history details

Date of the MOT

Engine size

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 7 of 20

When should you update your vehicle registration certificate?

When you pass your driving test

When you move house

When your vehicle needs an MOT

When you have a collision

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 8 of 20

What's the purpose of an MOT test?

To make sure your motorcycle is roadworthy

To certify how many miles per gallon it does

To prove you own the motorcycle

To allow you to park in restricted areas

Motorcycle Test - 28

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What's the maximum engine size a full category A1 motorcycle licence will allow you to ride?

125 cc

250 cc

350 cc

425 cc

Motorcycle Test - 28

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Your motorcycle insurance policy has an excess of £100. What does this mean?

The insurance company will pay the first £100 of any claim

You will be paid £100 if you do not have a crash

Your motorcycle is insured for a value of £100 if it is stolen

You will have to pay the first £100 of any claim

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 11 of 20

In which of these circumstances must you show your insurance certificate?

When making a SORN

When buying or selling a vehicle

When a police officer asks you for it

When having an MOT inspection

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 12 of 20

What information can be found on a motorcycle’s registration document?

The registered keeper's name

The type of insurance cover required

The service history

Date of the MOT

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 13 of 20

Which of these is needed before you can use a vehicle on the road legally?

A valid driving licence

Breakdown cover

Proof of your identity

A vehicle handbook

Motorcycle Test - 28

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You own a motorcycle licensed in the UK. When do you have a duty to contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)?

When you go abroad on holiday

When your job involves riding abroad

When your permanent address changes

When you change your job status

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 15 of 20

For how long is a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) valid?

Until the vehicle is taxed, sold or scrapped.

Until the vehicle is insured and MOT'd.

Until the vehicle is repaired or modified.

Until the vehicle is used on the road.

Motorcycle Test - 28

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What do you need before you can take a practical motorcycle test?

A full moped licence

A full car licence

A CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificate

12 months' riding experience

Motorcycle Test - 28

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A motorcyclist is riding a motorcycle that has an engine larger than 50 cc. When may they carry a pillion passenger?

When the rider has successfully completed CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

B. When the rider holds a full licence for the category of motorcycle they’re riding

When there is no sidecar fitted to the machine

When the rider has a full car licence and is over 21

Motorcycle Test - 28

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Your vehicle must have valid insurance cover before you can do what?

Make a SORN

Sell the vehicle

Scrap the vehicle

Tax the vehicle

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 19 of 20

What is a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)?

A notification to tell DVSA that a vehicle does not have a current MOT

Information kept by the police about the owner of the vehicle

A notification to tell DVLA that a vehicle is not being used on the road

Information held by insurance companies to check the vehicle is insured

Motorcycle Test - 28

Question 20 of 20

You have a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificate. How long is it valid?

one year

two years

three years

four years