Motorcycle Test - 29

Motorcycle Test - 29
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Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 1 of 20

You've just passed your practical test. You don't hold a full licence in another category. Within two years you get six penalty points on your licence. What will you have to do?

Retake only your theory test

Retake your theory and practical tests

Retake only your practical test

Reapply for your full licence immediately

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 2 of 20

Your motorcycle is insured third-party only. What does this cover?

Damage to your motorcycle

All damage and injury

Injury to yourself

Injury to others

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 3 of 20

A Vehicle Registration Document will show

the service history

the year of first registration

the purchase price

the tyre sizes

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 4 of 20

Your road tax is due to expire. To renew it you may need a renewal form, the fee, and valid MOT (if required). What else will you need?

Proof of purchase receipt

Compulsory Basic Training certificate

A valid certificate of insurance

A complete service record

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 5 of 20

What does a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) tell DVLA?

That your vehicle is being used on the road but the MOT has expired.

That you no longer own the vehicle.

That your vehicle is not being used on the road.

That you are buying a personal number plate.

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 6 of 20

Your vehicle needs a current MOT certificate. What will the MOT certificate enable you to do?

Renew your driving licence

Change your insurance company

Tax your vehicle

Notify a change of address

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 7 of 20

Who is legally responsible for ensuring that a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) is updated?

The registered vehicle keeper

The vehicle manufacturer

Your insurance company

The licensing authority

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 8 of 20

A tanker is involved in a collision. Which sign shows that it is carrying dangerous goods?





Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 9 of 20

You are on a motorway. Luggage falls from your motorcycle. What should you do?

Stop at the next emergency telephone and report the hazard

Stop on the motorway and put on hazard lights while you pick it up

Walk back up the motorway to pick it up

Pull up on the hard shoulder and wave traffic down

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 10 of 20

After a collision someone has suffered a burn. The burn needs to be cooled. What is the shortest time it should be cooled for?

30 seconds

60 seconds

5 minutes

10 minutes

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 11 of 20

A collision has just happened. An injured person is lying in a busy road. What’s the first thing you should do to help?

Treat the person for shock

Warn other traffic

Place them in the recovery position

Make sure the injured person is kept warm

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 12 of 20

At an incident, someone is suffering from severe burns. What should you do to help them?

Apply lotions to the injury

Burst any blisters

Remove anything sticking to the burns

Douse the burns with clean, cool water

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 13 of 20

On a motorway, when should the hard shoulder be used?

When answering a mobile phone

When an emergency arises

When taking a short rest

When checking a road map

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 14 of 20

At an incident someone is unconscious. What would your priority be?

find out their name

to wake them up

Make them comfortable

check their airway is clear

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 15 of 20

You arrive at the scene of a motorcycle crash. No other vehicle is involved. The rider is unconscious and lying in the middle of the road. What's the first thing you should do at the scene?

Move the rider out of the road

Warn other traffic

Clear the road of debris

Give the rider reassurance

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 16 of 20

You are riding on a motorway. The car in front switches on its hazard warning lights whilst moving. What does this mean?

The driver is going to take the next exit

There is a danger ahead

There is a police car ahead

The driver is trying to change lanes

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 17 of 20

You are riding through a tunnel. Your motorcycle breaks down. What should you do?

Switch on hazard warning lights

Remain on your motorcycle

Wait for the police to find you

Rely on CCTV cameras seeing you

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 18 of 20

When should you use hazard warning lights?

When you slow down quickly on a motorway because of a hazard ahead

When you leave your car at the roadside to visit a shop

When you wish to stop on double yellow lines

When you need to park on the pavement

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 19 of 20

An injured person has been placed in the recovery position. They're unconscious but breathing normally. What else should be done?

Press firmly between their shoulders

Place their arms by their side

Give them a hot sweet drink

Check their airway remains open

Motorcycle Test - 29

Question 20 of 20

You are going through a congested tunnel and have to stop. What should you do?

Pull up very close to the vehicle in front to save space

Ignore any message signs as they are never up to date

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front

Make a U-turn and find another route