Motorcycle Test - 3

Motorcycle Test - 3
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Motorcycle Test - 3

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You're riding a motorcycle that has an engine of less than 50 cc. What should you do if you see a queue of traffic building up behind?

Keep well out to stop vehicles overtaking dangerously

Wave vehicles behind you to pass, if you think they can overtake quickly

Pull in safely when you can, to let vehicles behind you overtake

Give a left signal when it is safe for vehicles to overtake you

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 2 of 20

Which vehicle will use a blue flashing beacon?

Motorway maintenance

Bomb disposal

Snow plough

Breakdown recovery

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 3 of 20

You are in a one-way street and want to turn right. You should position yourself

in the right-hand lane

in the left-hand lane

in either lane, depending on the traffic

just left of the centre line

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 4 of 20

You're in a line of traffic. The driver behind you is following very closely. What action should you take?

Ignore the following driver and continue to travel within the speed limit

Slow down, gradually increasing the gap between you and the vehicle in front

Signal left and wave the following driver past

Move over to a position just left of the centre line of the road

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 5 of 20

At which type of crossing are cyclists allowed to ride across with pedestrians?





Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 6 of 20

You're following a large vehicle travelling at 40 mph. Where should you position your motorcycle?

close behind to make it easier to overtake the vehicle

to the left of the road to make it easier to be seen

close behind the vehicle to keep out of the wind

well back so that you can see past the vehicle

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 7 of 20

You're approaching a red light at a puffin crossing. Pedestrians are on the crossing. When will your red light change?

When you start to edge forward on to the crossing

When the pedestrians have reached a safe position

When the pedestrians are clear of the front of your motorcycle

When a driver from the opposite direction reaches the crossing

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 8 of 20

What should you use your horn for?

To alert others to your presence

To allow you right of way

To greet other road users

To signal your annoyance

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 9 of 20

Following this vehicle too closely is unwise because

your brakes will overheat

your view ahead is increased

your engine will overheat

your view ahead is reduced

Motorcycle Test - 3

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You're driving at the legal speed limit. A vehicle comes up quickly behind you, flashing its headlights. What should you do?

Accelerate to make a gap behind you

Touch the brakes sharply to show your brake lights

Maintain your speed to prevent the vehicle from overtaking

Allow the vehicle to overtake

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 11 of 20

At a pelican crossing the flashing amber light means you MUST

stop and wait for the green light

stop and wait for the red light

give way to pedestrians waiting to cross

give way to pedestrians already on the crossing

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 12 of 20

A flashing green beacon on a vehicle means

police on non-urgent duties

doctor on an emergency call

road safety patrol operating

gritting in progress

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 13 of 20

You are following a vehicle on a wet road. You should leave a time gap of at least

one second

two seconds

three seconds

four seconds

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 14 of 20

You're approaching two riders on horseback. What should you do?

Continue at your normal speed

Change down the gears quickly

Slow down and be ready to stop

Flash your headlight to warn them

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 15 of 20

Which of these services can display a blue flashing beacon?


Doctor's car

Gritting lorries

Animal ambulances

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 16 of 20

You should never wave people across at pedestrian crossings because

there may be another vehicle coming

they may not be looking

it is safer for you to carry on

they may not be ready to cross

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 17 of 20

You're riding towards a zebra crossing. Pedestrians are waiting to cross. What should you do?

Give way to the elderly and infirm only

Slow down and prepare to stop

Use your headlight to indicate they can cross

Wave at them to cross the road

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 18 of 20

You're approaching unmarked crossroads. How should you deal with this type of junction?

Accelerate and keep to the middle

Slow down and keep to the right

Accelerate looking to the left

Slow down and look both ways

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 19 of 20

When you're riding a motorcycle, what should your normal road position allow?

Other vehicles to pass easily on your left

You to keep within half a metre (1 foot 8 inches) of the kerb

Faster traffic will be able to overtake you easily

Drivers at junctions ahead will be able to see you approaching

Motorcycle Test - 3

Question 20 of 20

The conditions are good and dry. When should you use the 'two-second rule'?

Before restarting the engine after it has stalled

When checking your gap from the vehicle in front

Before using the ‘Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre’ routine

When traffic lights change to green