Motorcycle Test - 33

Motorcycle Test - 33
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Motorcycle Test - 33

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When can you carry a child as a pillion passenger?

When they are over 14 years old

When they are over 16 years old

When they can reach the floor from the seat

When they can reach the handholds and footrests

Motorcycle Test - 33

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You are towing a trailer with your motorcycle. You should remember that your

stopping distance may increase

fuel consumption will improve

tyre grip will increase

stability will improve

Motorcycle Test - 33

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You are using throwover saddlebags. Why is it important to make sure they are evenly loaded?

They will be uncomfortable for you to sit on

They will slow your motorcycle down

They could make your motorcycle unstable

They will be uncomfortable for a pillion passenger to sit on

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What should your motorcycle have if you want to carry a pillion passenger?

Passenger footrests

A passenger communication system

A passenger luggage box

Passenger grab handles

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What are the minimum test vehicle requirements for a motorcycle used to obtain a full category ‘A’ licence?

Solo with maximum power of at least 25kW (33 bhp)

Solo with maximum power of 11kW (14.6 bhp)

Fitted with a sidecar and have minimum power of 35kW (46.6 bhp)

Solo with maximum power of at least 40kW (53.6 bhp)

Motorcycle Test - 33

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You hold a provisional motorcycle licence. Are you allowed to carry a pillion passenger?

Only if the passenger holds a full licence

Not at any time

Not unless you are undergoing training

Only if the passenger is under 21

Motorcycle Test - 33

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Who is responsible for making sure that a motorcycle is not overloaded?

The rider of the motorcycle

The owner of the items being carried

The licensing authority

The owner of the motorcycle

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What can a heavy load in a motorcycle top box cause?

Improved stability

Reduced stability

Reduced tyre wear

Improved braking

Motorcycle Test - 33

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You have a sidecar fitted to your motorcycle. What effect will it have?

It will reduce the motorcycle's stability

It will make the steering lighter

It will increase the stopping distance

It will increase the fuel economy

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What should you check when you fit a sidecar to your motorcycle?

That the sidecar has a registration plate

That the sidecar is correctly aligned

That the sidecar has a waterproof cover

That the sidecar has a spare wheel

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What should a pillion passenger do while being carried on a motorcycle?

Give the rider directions

Lean with the rider when going round bends

Check the road behind for the rider

Give arm signals for the rider

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What may you need to adjust when you're carrying a heavy load on your motorcycle?


Gear lever

Seat height

Tyre pressure

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What applies when you tow a trailer with your motorcycle?

The motorcycle should be attached to a sidecar

The trailer should weigh more than the motorcycle

The trailer should be fitted with brakes

The trailer should NOT be more than 1 metre (3 feet 3 inches) wide

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What requirement must you meet if you want to carry a pillion passenger on your motorcycle?

You must hold a full car licence

You must hold a full motorcycle licence

You must be over the age of 21

You must be over the age of 25

Motorcycle Test - 33

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You're carrying a pillion passenger. What should you adjust to allow for the extra weight?

Preload on the front forks

Preload on the rear shock absorber(s)

The balance of the rear wheel

The front and rear wheel alignment

Motorcycle Test - 33

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When you're going around a corner, what should your pillion passenger do?

Give arm signals for you

Check behind for other vehicles

Lean with you on bends

Lean to one side to see ahead

Motorcycle Test - 33

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In what way is a learner motorcyclist’s licence restricted?

They must not carry a pillion passenger

They must not use the right-hand lane on dual carriageways

They must not carry panniers on their motorcycle

Ride faster than 30 mph

They must not ride faster than 30 mph

Motorcycle Test - 33

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How will riding a motorcycle and sidecar differ from riding a solo motorcycle?

It will allow you to corner more quickly

It will allow you to brake later for hazards

It will require a different riding technique

It will improve your fuel consumption

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What should you be aware of when you ride a sidecar outfit for the first time?

You need time to get used to it

You’ll be able to stop in a shorter distance

You need to accelerate around bends

You can approach corners without braking

Motorcycle Test - 33

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What's the maximum width allowed for a trailer on a motorcycle?

0.5 metres (1 foot 8 inches)

1 metre (3 feet 3 inches)

1.5 metres (4 feet 11inches)

2 metres (6 feet 6 inches)