Motorcycle Test - 5

Motorcycle Test - 5
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Motorcycle Test - 5

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It's essential that tyre pressures are checked regularly. When should this be done?

After any lengthy journey

After travelling at high speed

When tyres are hot

When tyres are cold

Motorcycle Test - 5

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What should you do if your visor becomes badly scratched?

polish it with a fine abrasive

replace it

wash it in soapy water

clean it with petrol

Motorcycle Test - 5

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How can you plan your route before starting a long journey?

Check your vehicle's workshop manual

Ask your local garage

Use a route planner on the internet

Consult your travel agents

Motorcycle Test - 5

Question 4 of 20

Your motorcycle has a catalytic converter. What does this reduce?

Exhaust noise

Fuel consumption

Exhaust emissions

Engine noise

Motorcycle Test - 5

Question 5 of 20

How should you ride a motorcycle when new tyres have just been fitted?

Carefully, until the shiny surface is worn off

By braking hard especially into bends

Normally, but with higher tyre pressures

By riding at faster than normal speeds

Motorcycle Test - 5

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It can be helpful to plan your route before starting a journey. Why should you also plan an alternative route?

Your original route may be blocked

Your maps may have different scales

You may find you have to pay a congestion charge

You may get held up by a tractor

Motorcycle Test - 5

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You have a faulty oil seal on a shock absorber. Why is this a serious problem?

It will cause excessive chain wear

Dripping oil could reduce the grip of your tyre

Your motorcycle will be harder to ride uphill

Your motorcycle will not accelerate so quickly

Motorcycle Test - 5

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What percentage of all emissions does road transport account for?

10 per cent

20 per cent

30 per cent

40 per cent

Motorcycle Test - 5

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Your steering feels wobbly. Which of these is a likely cause?

Tyre pressure is too high

Incorrectly adjusted brakes

Worn steering head bearings

A broken clutch cable

Motorcycle Test - 5

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When should you especially check the engine oil level?

Before a long journey

When the engine is hot

Early in the morning

Every 6000 miles

Motorcycle Test - 5

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What can incorrect wheel alignment cause?

A serious loss of power

Reduced braking performance

Increased tyre wear

Reduced ground clearance

Motorcycle Test - 5

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What should you do when you're riding a motorcycle in very hot weather?

ride with your visor fully open

continue to wear protective clothing

wear trainers instead of boots

slacken your helmet strap

Motorcycle Test - 5

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What benefit will you see if you have your motorcycle serviced regularly?

Lower insurance premiums

A refund on your vehicle excise duty (road tax)

Increased exhaust emissions

Better fuel economy

Motorcycle Test - 5

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What's the legal minimum depth of tread for motorcycle tyres?

1 mm

1.6 mm

2.5 mm

4 mm

Motorcycle Test - 5

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What will be the effect of having your motorcycle engine properly maintained?

It will use much more fuel

It will have lower exhaust emissions

It will increase your insurance premiums

It will not need to have an MOT

Motorcycle Test - 5

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When should you increase the tyre pressures on your motorcycle?

When riding in hot weather

After a long journey

When carrying a heavy load

When riding in wet weather

Motorcycle Test - 5

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How should you dispose of a used vehicle battery?

Bury it in your garden

Put it in the dustbin

Take it to a local authority site

Leave it on waste land

Motorcycle Test - 5

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What should you check after adjusting the final drive chain?

The rear wheel alignment

The suspension adjustment

The rear shock absorber

The front suspension forks

Motorcycle Test - 5

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You are riding in hot weather. What is the safest type of footwear?





Motorcycle Test - 5

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What must you check on both the front and rear motorcycle tyres?

That they're the same tread pattern

That they're correctly inflated

That they're the same size

That they're the same make