PCV Test - 11

PCV Test - 11
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PCV Test - 11

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Your doctor has given you a course of medicine. Why should you ask whether it's safe to drive?

Drugs make you a better driver by quickening your reactions

You will have to let your insurance company know about the medicine

Some types of medicine can cause your reactions to slow down

The medicine you take may affect your hearing

PCV Test - 11

Question 2 of 20

What should you do when you have to travel a long distance?

Allow plenty of time for your journey

Plan to go at busy times

Avoid all national speed limit roads

Prevent other drivers from overtaking

PCV Test - 11

Question 3 of 20

What must you check before setting out on a journey?

Your mirrors are tinted

Your mirrors are convex

Your mirrors are concave

Your mirrors are clean

PCV Test - 11

Question 4 of 20

What should you do when passing sheep on a road?

Pass quickly and quietly

Sound your horn gently

Drive very slowly

Keep your vehicle moving

PCV Test - 11

Question 5 of 20

When are you allowed to drive a bus without wearing the seat belt?

When the seat belt is uncomfortable

When it's a lap-only type of seat belt

When you're reversing the vehicle

When your passengers are children

PCV Test - 11

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You're overtaking a lorry. What should you do if you see the driver flash their headlights?

Move back to the left when you judge it's safe to do so

Take their signal to mean it's safe to move back to the left

Stop; there must be something wrong with your vehicle

Flash your hazard warning lights and move back to the left

PCV Test - 11

Question 7 of 20

How will your body clock affect your driving between 2.00 am and 7.00 am?

You're more likely to fall asleep at the wheel

You're more likely to feel road rage

You're more likely to break the speed limit

You're more likely to drive to close to the vehicle in front

PCV Test - 11

Question 8 of 20

Which vehicle will use a blue flashing beacon?

Motorway maintenance

Bomb disposal team

Snow plough

Breakdown recovery vehicle

PCV Test - 11

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What should you do if a car driver makes a mistake that causes you to brake?

Keep calm and not retaliate

Overtake and sound your horn

Drive close behind and sound your horn

Flag the driver down and explain the mistake

PCV Test - 11

Question 10 of 20

What effect will using a mobile phone have on your driving?

Your vehicle will be harder to steer

Your field of vision will be reduced

Your attention will be diverted from the road

Your vehicle's electronic systems will be disrupted

PCV Test - 11

Question 11 of 20

Should you give way to a car showing a flashing green beacon?

Yes, because it's a doctor going to an emergency

Yes, because it's a fire-crew support vehicle

No, because it's a slow-moving vehicle

No, because it's a breakdown vehicle

PCV Test - 11

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At what age are men most at risk from sleep-related vehicle incidents (SRVIs)?

30 years and under

31-45 years

46-59 years

60 years and over

PCV Test - 11

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What should you do while you're driving a bus in a built-up area?

Keep junctions clear

Reduce your stopping distance

Stay ahead of cyclists and motorcyclists

Allow less time for passengers to board

PCV Test - 11

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How is drinking alcohol likely to affect your driving?

You'll have faster reactions

You'll become colour-blind

You'll feel more confident

You'll be able to concentrate better

PCV Test - 11

Question 15 of 20

What's the best type of fluid to drink during work time?

Bottled water

Sugary canned drinks

High caffeine drinks

Hot chocolate

PCV Test - 11

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What should you do to help your concentration when you have to drive through the night?

Eat lots of snacks while you're driving

Eat a big meal in the middle of your shift

Eat a meal at the beginning of your shift

Eat nothing during your period of work

PCV Test - 11

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What should you do at a zebra crossing?

Rev your engine to encourage pedestrians to cross quickly

Park only on the zigzag lines on the left

Always leave it clear in traffic queues

Wave pedestrians to cross if you intend to wait for them

PCV Test - 11

Question 18 of 20

What does the flashing amber light mean at a pelican crossing?

Stop, if you can do so safely

Give way to pedestrians already on the crossing

Stop and wait for the green light

Give way to pedestrians waiting to cross

PCV Test - 11

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What should you do if you're signalled to stop by a police officer in a patrol car?

Brake harshly to a stop

Drive on until you reach a side road

Stop on the left as soon as it's safe

Stop immediately wherever you are

PCV Test - 11

Question 20 of 20

What should you do if a front tyre bursts while you're driving on a motorway?

Loosen your grip on the steering wheel

Brake firmly to a stop

Hold the steering wheel firmly

Drive to the next service area