PCV Test - 32

PCV Test - 32
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PCV Test - 32

Question 1 of 20

You're making a journey that crosses international borders. Which document should you produce at immigration control?

A list of passengers

A breakdown insurance certificate

A route plan

A list of alcohol on board

PCV Test - 32

Question 2 of 20

Which category of licence do you need to drive a tri-axle double-deck coach?





PCV Test - 32

Question 3 of 20

A driver is convicted of bringing illegal immigrants into the UK. How is the fine calculated?

For each family group they bring in

For each court attendance they make

For each person they bring in

For each journey they made in the last year

PCV Test - 32

Question 4 of 20

Which authority has the power to impose conditions on a passenger-carrying vehicle (PCV) operator’s licence?

The Traffic Commissioner



Highways England

PCV Test - 32

Question 5 of 20

Drivers can be fined for bringing illegal immigrants into the UK. Who else can be fined?

The vehicle repairer

The vehicle insurer

The vehicle manufacturer

The vehicle hirer

PCV Test - 32

Question 6 of 20

What size of trailer can be towed by the holder of a full category D licence?

750 kg

1000 kg

1250 kg

1500 kg

PCV Test - 32

Question 7 of 20

You've been convicted of a drink-drive offence and banned from driving. Which entitlement will this ban affect?

Your entitlement to drive all motor vehicles

Your car entitlement

Your lorry entitlement

Your bus entitlement

PCV Test - 32

Question 8 of 20

You're found to be two-and-a-half times over the legal drink-drive limit and are disqualified from driving. Before regaining your licence, who will you have to satisfy that you don't have an alcohol problem?

The local hospital

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Alcoholics Anonymous

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

PCV Test - 32

Question 9 of 20

You're driving a coach, returning from a European trip. Why should you search the vehicle at the port?

To look for missing property

To ensure duty-free limits are not exceeded

To prevent the carriage of illegal immigrants

To ensure the vehicle has the correct documentation

PCV Test - 32

Question 10 of 20

Every five years, you must complete further training to keep your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). How many hours of training must you complete over those five years?

25 hours

30 hours

35 hours

40 hours

PCV Test - 32

Question 11 of 20

What's a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN)?

A notification to tell DVSA that a vehicle does not have a current MOT

Information kept by the police about the owner of the vehicle

A notification to tell DVLA that a vehicle is not being used on the road

Information held by insurance companies to check the vehicle is insured

PCV Test - 32

Question 12 of 20

You'll need to take 35 hours of training to maintain your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). Over what period must this be carried out?

One year

Three years

Five years

Ten years

PCV Test - 32

Question 13 of 20

You intend to drive a midibus for hire or reward. It has more than 16 passenger seats. What's the minimum licence entitlement you need?





PCV Test - 32

Question 14 of 20

You'll be driving your vehicle in Europe. Which of these documents must you carry?

The vehicle service record

Your medical examination form

Your national driving licence

The vehicle workshop manual

PCV Test - 32

Question 15 of 20

Which licence category do you need to drive an articulated bus ('bendy bus')?





PCV Test - 32

Question 16 of 20

You're returning to the UK and are about to board a ferry. An immigration officer asks to see your documentation. What must you show them immediately?

Your vehicle registration book

Your driver's hours record

Your operator documentation

Your driving licence

PCV Test - 32

Question 17 of 20

Why may coaches be subject to a search by immigration authorities at international ports?

For national security

To check for red diesel

For tachograph regulations

To check vehicle condition

PCV Test - 32

Question 18 of 20

What's the maximum fine for driving without insurance?





PCV Test - 32

Question 19 of 20

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) requires you to take training every five years. How many hours of training must you take?

30 hours

35 hours

40 hours

45 hours

PCV Test - 32

Question 20 of 20

What condition could prevent you from holding a lorry or bus licence?


Partial blindness


Stomach upset