PCV Test - 33

PCV Test - 33
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PCV Test - 33

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What's the current fine for each person illegally carried into the UK?

1000 Pounds

2000 Pounds

3000 Pounds

4000 Pounds

PCV Test - 33

Question 2 of 20

You hold a full category D licence. What entitlement does this give you for towing?

You cannot tow a trailer at all

You can tow a trailer not exceeding 750 kg

You can tow a trailer of any weight

You cannot tow a trailer with more than one axle

PCV Test - 33

Question 3 of 20

How can vehicle operators help to prevent the carriage of illegal immigrants?

By using an effective vehicle security system

By using vehicle tracking devices

By taking out liability insurance

By having effective mobile communications

PCV Test - 33

Question 4 of 20

For how long is a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) valid?

Until the vehicle is taxed, sold or scrapped

Until the vehicle is insured and MOT’d

Until the vehicle is repaired or modified

Until the vehicle is used on the road

PCV Test - 33

Question 5 of 20

You're applying for an LGV or PCV licence for the first time. What will your medical examination include?

An eyesight test

A numeracy test

A hygiene test

A literacy test

PCV Test - 33

Question 6 of 20

Which licence category do you need to drive a bus with 25 passenger seats?





PCV Test - 33

Question 7 of 20

Why is it a good idea to plan your journey to avoid travelling at busy times?

Your vehicle will use more fuel

There'll be fewer roadworks

It will help to ease congestion

You will travel a much shorter distance

PCV Test - 33

Question 8 of 20

How can you plan your route before starting a long journey?

Check your vehicle's workshop manual

Ask your local garage

Use a route planner on the internet

Consult your travel agents

PCV Test - 33

Question 9 of 20

Diesel fuel has been spilled on the road. Which road users will this be a particular danger for?

Lorry drivers


Horse riders

Car drivers

PCV Test - 33

Question 10 of 20

What would be the most likely effect of driving with the rev counter in the red band?

You would have optimum fuel economy

You would improve engine efficiency

You would damage the engine

You would create a false tachograph reading

PCV Test - 33

Question 11 of 20

What will happen if you drive smoothly?

You'll reduce journey times by about 15%

You'll increase fuel consumption by about 15%

You'll reduce fuel consumption by about 15%

You'll increase journey times by about 15%

PCV Test - 33

Question 12 of 20

Which large vehicles are more likely to damage the road surface?

Vehicle with a mixture of tyre makes

Vehicle with a mixture of re-cut and new tyres

Vehicle with faulty spray-suppression equipment

Vehicle with faulty suspension

PCV Test - 33

Question 13 of 20

Planning your route before starting a journey is a good idea. Why should you also plan an alternative route?

Your original route may be blocked

Your maps may have different scales

You may find you have to pay a congestion charge

Because you may get held up by a tractor

PCV Test - 33

Question 14 of 20

Which fuel provides a reduction in exhaust emissions harmful to human health?

High-sulphur diesel

Red diesel

Low-sulphur diesel

Blue diesel

PCV Test - 33

Question 15 of 20

Which driving technique can save you fuel?

Using lower gears as often as possible

Accelerating sharply in each gear

Using each gear in turn

Missing out some gears

PCV Test - 33

Question 16 of 20

You're waiting for some time in a stationary traffic queue. Why should you switch off your engine?

To keep your passengers cool

To save on vehicle air pressure

To reduce exhaust fumes

To reduce radio interference

PCV Test - 33

Question 17 of 20

What should you do if you've lost the filler cap for your diesel tank?

Get a replacement before driving

Push a rag into the filler pipe

Drive slowly back to your depot

Only fill the tank half-full

PCV Test - 33

Question 18 of 20

Which vehicles are most likely to cause severe damage to road surfaces?





PCV Test - 33

Question 19 of 20

You've been stopped at a roadside check. What would staff from the environmental health department be checking?

Licence entitlement

Exhaust emissions

Tachograph changes

Illegal immigrants

PCV Test - 33

Question 20 of 20

What makes the pictured vehicle environmentally friendly?

It uses solar power

It uses diesel fuel

It uses electricity

It uses unleaded fuel