PCV Test - 37

PCV Test - 37
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PCV Test - 37

Question 1 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Side wind

Road noise


Adverse camber

PCV Test - 37

Question 2 of 20

At a junction, you see this sign partly covered by snow. What does it mean?


Give way


Turn right

PCV Test - 37

Question 3 of 20

You're driving through roadworks. What information does this sign give you?

Large vehicles must go straight ahead

Traffic is joining from the left

All traffic must leave at the next exit

The distance to the next exit

PCV Test - 37

Question 4 of 20

What colour follows the green signal at a puffin crossing?

Steady red

Flashing amber

Steady amber

Flashing green

PCV Test - 37

Question 5 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Low bridge

Tunnel ahead

Accident blackspot

Speed camera

PCV Test - 37

Question 6 of 20

What's the purpose of an emergency refuge area on a smart motorway?

It's for use in case of emergency or breakdown

It's for use if you think you'll be involved in a road-rage incident

It's for a police patrol to park and watch traffic

It's for construction and road workers to store emergency equipment

PCV Test - 37

Question 7 of 20

Which road user is sometimes allowed to share a bus lane?

Learner driver

Lorry driver

Disabled driver

Taxi driver

PCV Test - 37

Question 8 of 20

Which of these signs means uneven road?





PCV Test - 37

Question 9 of 20

You're on a smart motorway. What does it mean when a mandatory speed limit is displayed above the hard shoulder?

You shouldn't use the hard shoulder as a running lane

The hard shoulder can be used as a running lane between junctions

You can park on the hard shoulder if you feel tired

Large vehicles must use the hard shoulder

PCV Test - 37

Question 10 of 20

In which part of the United Kingdom do traffic officers operate?

England only

England, Scotland and Wales

England and Wales

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

PCV Test - 37

Question 11 of 20

What are traffic officers authorised to do?

Carry out enforcement duties

Issue fixed penalty notices

Test drivers suspected of drink driving

Stop and direct anyone on a motorway

PCV Test - 37

Question 12 of 20

Which sign means that pedestrians may be walking along the road?





PCV Test - 37

Question 13 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Rumble strips

Road humps

Uneven road

Double hump-back bridge

PCV Test - 37

Question 14 of 20

You're approaching traffic lights. Only the red light is showing. Which series of lights will show next?

Red and amber, then green

Green, then amber

Amber, then green

Green and amber, then green

PCV Test - 37

Question 15 of 20

What should you do if you see this sign when you're about to overtake?

Overtake the other driver as quickly as possible

Move to the right to get a better view

Switch your headlights on before overtaking

Hold back until you can see clearly ahead

PCV Test - 37

Question 16 of 20

What does this motorway sign mean?

Right-hand lane closed ahead

One-tonne weight limit ahead

Left-hand lane closed ahead

T-junction one mile ahead

PCV Test - 37

Question 17 of 20

When can you travel on the hard shoulder of a motorway?

When taking the next exit

When traffic is stopped

When signs show that you can

When traffic is slow moving

PCV Test - 37

Question 18 of 20

You're driving on a motorway and there's no traffic ahead. You see this sign. Which lane should you use?

The right-hand lane

The hard shoulder

The left-hand lane

The middle lane

PCV Test - 37

Question 19 of 20

Which drivers are given instructions by diamond-shaped signs?

Drivers of lorries

Drivers of trams

Drivers of buses

Drivers of tractors

PCV Test - 37

Question 20 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Uneven road surface

Bridge over the road

Road ahead ends

Water across the road