PCV Test - 38

PCV Test - 38
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PCV Test - 38

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What should you do when you see this sign ahead?

Accelerate because you have priority

Slow down, the road may be narrow ahead

Stop and give way to oncoming traffic

Maintain your speed, it's just an information sign

PCV Test - 38

Question 2 of 20

What does this sign mean?

Car lane only

Single file only

Queues likely

Keep your distance

PCV Test - 38

Question 3 of 20

What are these advanced stop lines for?

To allow room for pedestrians to cross the road

To allow space for large vehicles to turn

To allow cyclists to position in front of other traffic

To allow you to select where to stop

PCV Test - 38

Question 4 of 20

What does this motorway sign mean?

Use the hard shoulder

Contraflow system ahead

Overhead bridge repairs

All lanes ahead closed

PCV Test - 38

Question 5 of 20

Which sign means ‘No stopping’?





PCV Test - 38

Question 6 of 20

The double white line along the centre of the road is unbroken on your side. When may you cross the line?

To overtake any slower moving vehicle

To overtake a pedal cycle travelling at 10 mph or less

To check it's safe to overtake the vehicle in front

overtake a learner driver travelling at 20 mph or less

To overtake a driver travelling at 20 mph or less

PCV Test - 38

Question 7 of 20

You're driving on a smart motorway. What's the speed limit when the hard shoulder is being used as a running lane?

The speed limits displayed are advisory

The national speed limit applies

The set speed limit is displayed

The speed limit is always 30 mph

PCV Test - 38

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What does this sign mean?

Soft verges

Only cars may park here

Parking restrictions apply

Fuel and water tanks will leak

PCV Test - 38

Question 9 of 20

You're driving in fog on a three-lane motorway. Which lane are you in when you can see red reflective studs on your left and white reflective studs on your right?

Hard shoulder

Middle lane

Right-hand lane

Left-hand lane

PCV Test - 38

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What information would be shown in a triangular road sign?

Road narrows

One-way street

Bus lane

Minimum speed

PCV Test - 38

Question 11 of 20

Who has priority when you're approaching this sign?

Larger vehicles

Oncoming traffic

Smaller vehicles

You have right of way

PCV Test - 38

Question 12 of 20

What's a 'Red Route'?

An area where special waiting restrictions apply

An area where part-time traffic lights operate

An area where drivers have to pay a toll

An area where night-time and weekend weight limits apply

PCV Test - 38

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What does this arm signal mean?

The driver intends to turn left

The driver intends to slow down

The driver wants you to keep back

The driver wants you to go past

PCV Test - 38

Question 14 of 20

What's the aim of a smart motorway?

To prevent overtaking

To reduce rest stops

To prevent tailgating

To reduce congestion

PCV Test - 38

Question 15 of 20

What does this sign mean?

You are allowed to carry on but only with a police escort

You should continue very slowly if your weight is above the limit

Do not cross unless the bridge is clear of other vehicles

Do not cross the bridge if your weight exceeds the limit

PCV Test - 38

Question 16 of 20

What's the purpose of green-and-yellow fluorescent studs on a motorway?

They mark the lanes in a contraflow system

They separate the slip road from the motorway

They mark access points for emergency services

They separate the edge of the hard shoulder from the grass verge

PCV Test - 38

Question 17 of 20

What does this sign mean?

End of restricted speed area

End of restricted parking area

End of clearway

End of cycle route

PCV Test - 38

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You're driving on a motorway. What colour are the reflective studs on the right-hand edge of the carriageway?





PCV Test - 38

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What does this sign mean?

No U-turns

Two-way traffic

One-way system

End of one-way system

PCV Test - 38

Question 20 of 20

Which of these signs shows an uphill gradient?