PCV Test - 5

PCV Test - 5
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PCV Test - 5

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Under EU rules, what's the maximum daily driving time allowed?

9 hours, extended to 11 hours on three days of the week

10 hours extended to 11 hours on two days of the week

9 hours extended to 10 hours on two days of the week

10 hours extended to 11 hours on three days of the week

PCV Test - 5

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Under EU rules, you may drive for up to nine hours a day. What maximum may this be increased to on two days of the week?

9.5 hours

10 hours

11 hours

11.5 hours

PCV Test - 5

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The analogue tachograph on your vehicle becomes faulty. How long do you have before you must have it repaired?

one day

three days

one week

two weeks

PCV Test - 5

Question 4 of 20

Where can you get a replacement driver tachograph card?

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Any MOT test centre

A tachograph centre

PCV Test - 5

Question 5 of 20

What's most likely to cause tiredness?

Making frequent and regular stops

Taking driving breaks on board the vehicle

Having insufficient breaks from driving

Using vehicles with automatic gearboxes

PCV Test - 5

Question 6 of 20

You're making a journey with a co-driver. When the other person is driving, how should you show this time?

As a daily rest period

As a weekly rest period

As a break in daily driving

As driving time

PCV Test - 5

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You're driving under EU tachograph regulations and lose your smart card. When must you inform the relevant authority?

Within 5 days

Within 7 days

Within 14 days

Within 28 days

PCV Test - 5

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Under EU rules, what's the normal weekly rest period that must be taken?

40 hours

41 hours

42 hours

45 hours

PCV Test - 5

Question 9 of 20

How many days does a drivers smart card normally cover?





PCV Test - 5

Question 10 of 20

When must an analogue tachograph be recalibrated?

Every 2 years

Every 4 years

Every 6 years

Every 8 years

PCV Test - 5

Question 11 of 20

You're driving a bus with 18 seats on an excursion from London to Scotland. Which drivers’ hours rules should you use?

AETR only


EU only


PCV Test - 5

Question 12 of 20

An enforcement officer keeps one of your tachograph charts. Who should sign the back of the replacement chart?

You, the driver

Your transport manager

The vehicle owner

The officer

PCV Test - 5

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Under EU rules, your daily rest can be reduced to 9 hours. For how many days per week is this allowed?

One day

Two days

Three days

Four days

PCV Test - 5

Question 14 of 20

When may a driver take their rest period in a parked vehicle?

If it's fitted with a bunk

If a smoke alarm is fitted

If the vehicle's in an authorised coach park

If there are no passengers on board

PCV Test - 5

Question 15 of 20

What does a tachograph record?

load weight

driving time

fuel consumption

rest periods

PCV Test - 5

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Drivers must have a driver smart card for use in digital tachographs. Where can you obtain a replacement smart card in Great Britain?

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Highways England

A tachograph calibration centre

The Post Office

PCV Test - 5

Question 17 of 20

How can you find out when an analogue tachograph was last recalibrated?

From a date on the tachograph chart

By contacting the vehicle's manufacturer

By checking the vehicle's service record

From a plaque on or near the tachograph

PCV Test - 5

Question 18 of 20

Which digital tachograph card is only available to enforcement authorities?

Control card

CPC card

Company card

Workshop card

PCV Test - 5

Question 19 of 20

What can happen to drivers who break EU tachograph regulations?

They can be given three warnings

They can have their passport withdrawn

They can be heavily fined

They can be let off if they're new to using tachographs

PCV Test - 5

Question 20 of 20

What does this tachograph chart symbol mean?

Driver at rest

Chart not required

Other work